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Inflatable Bounce, Slide and Jumper House Rental

To rent one of Salina's inflatable jumpy houses, CLICK HERE

To view a detailed description of Salina's generator options, CLICK HERE

Need a jumper attendant? CLICK HERE

Salina's offers inflatable jumping houses, jumper attendants, and generator rentals to complete your party needs! 

Jumper rentals are all-day rentals, with hours from 12-8 pm. For additional hours, please call (708) 614-9100. Jumpers require a standard household 20amp outlet. In the event a 20amp outlet is unavailable, Salina's offers generator rentals.

Jumpers must be situated on a FLAT GRASS surface (no concrete) and within 50 feet of a drivable surface and electrical outlet.

Indoor jumper house setups, such as in a gymnasium, should be fine as long as approval is granted by Salina's rental manager.

Our jumpys can accommodate up to:
10 children 8 & under, OR
6-8 children 9 to 12 years of age, OR
4-5 teens OR 3 adults

Inflatable houses are one-day rentals. Inflatable jumpy houses are delivery items only, and in-store pick-up is not available. Typically, delivery of each jumper is before 12pm on the day of the event. Pick-up of the jumper, typically, is before 12pm on the day following the event. 

Inflatable Multi-Color House Jumpy Rental

Our jumpers are 15’x15’ and need an area of approximately 20’x20’ in size.

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Multi-Color Jumpy House & Slide Combo Rental Unit

Jumpers slide combos are 15’ x 20’ and need a area of approximately 20’ x 25’.

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  • Only compatible age groups and size shall play in the jumper at the same time
  • Make sure jumper is clean and fully inflated. No riders are allowed in partially inflated unit.
  • All extension cords and straps should be placed in such a manner that no one can trip. Also NO electrical cords should run through puddles or near a pool.
  • Under no circumstances is climbing on exterior of jumper allowed.
  • Do not install units near a swimming pool.
  • Never remove the ground pin from the cord; use an adaptor.
  • Jumper should be securely anchored and FULLY INFLATED before any riders are allowed to enter.


  • All riders must remove shoes, eyeglasses and any hard or sharp objects that can cause injury or damage to the jumper. The following are also included: jewelry, watches, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
  • No flips, piling on or wrestling.
  • No climbing on the walls or netting.
  • Do not bounce against the sides or near the doorway.
  • Do not bounce closer than 5 feet from each other.
  • Keep hands off the net…DO NOT HANG ON NET.
  • If jumper begins to loose air, exit immediately.
  • Do not enter jumper unless ADULT SUPERVISION is present.
  • Jumpers can turn over in high winds. Unload riders immediately and deflate the jumper if winds exceed 25 mph.