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White Frame Tent Rentals 

high peak white Frame tent from salinas rental

Tents are available on a first come first serve basis. We recommend you place your tent rental order as soon as possible in order to reserve the appropriate items.

Click Here to Order a Frame Tent

Frame tents are professionally installed tents with aluminum frames and no center poles. A frame tent can be secured with staking or special anchors (water barrels). Frame tents shelter against most bad weather. They are ideal for installation on asphalt, concrete, decks, and tight fit areas. Frame tents can be installed on grass, as well. Frame tents require 2 to 5 extra feet all the way around the tent. All of Salina's tents are white.

Salina's, in compliance with the law, will notify J.U.L.I.E. for every tent installation. J.U.L.I.E. stands for the Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators, which is the company who notifies any and all underground utility companies to mark all underground lines. Tent location must be pre-marked by the customer before installation. The customer is not required to be home during tent installation as long as the tent location is accessible and pre-marked. Salina's will mail marking flags to customers if enough notice is given. If frame tent orders are not placed enough in advance for J.U.L.I.E. to be contacted, there will be an $80 charge applied to the order and the tent will be secured entirely with water barrels.

Delivery & Installation Procedure:

All tents are delivered, professionally installed, and taken down for the cost of one mandatory delivery charge, which is based on event location from our store. To calculate delivery charge to your area, please click here. Pick-up and self-installation of tents is unavailable.

Salina's does not make appointments for delivery, installation, or take down of tents. Appointments are unavailable due to the variability and unpredictability of each event location and set up time. For this reason, Salina's delivers and installs tents prior to the event date and takes down tents following the event date for no additional cost.

In the occurrence that a tent must be delivered and set up on the actual day of the event, such as in the case of a surprise party or event at a public park, Salina's can accommodate this need. However, there is an additional surcharge for the same day set up and/or take down. Also, tents will still require that J.U.L.I.E. to be notified and the area marked prior to set up. This may interfere with your surprise, but we can not set up tent without J.U.L.I.E. markings. If a customer can absolutely not have J.U.L.I.E. markings at the event location, for an additional charge, Salina's can install the frame tent and secure it entirely with water barrels.

Tents will, usually, be delivered and installed one or two days prior to the event date. If a weekend event, tents will most likely be delivered and installed on Friday. Tents will, usually, be  taken down one or two days following the event. If a weekend event, tents will most likely be taken down on Monday.

Rental Delivery charge is one charge for a 2 way delivery, both dropping off and picking the items back up. 

 For delivery information of Frame Tents, click here

 Click here for rental rate and policy information


Tent  Size

# of 5' Round Tables Seating for 5' Rounds (8/table) # of 8' Long Tables

Seating for 8' Longs (8/table)

Seating for 8' Longs (10/table)




15x15  3 24 3 24 30


15x30 4 32 4 32 40 600  100
20x20 4 32 4 32 40 400  67
20x30 6 48 6 48 60 600  100
20x40 8 64 8 64 80 800  133
20x60 12 96 12 96 120 1200  200
20x80 16 128 16 128 160 1600  267
30x30 9 72 9 72 90 900  150
30x45 13 104 13 104 130 1350  225
30x60 18 144 18 144 180 1800  300
30x75 22 176 22 176 220 2250  375
30x90 27 216 27 216 270 2700  450
30x105 31 248 31 248 310 3150  525
40x40 16 128 16 128 160 1600  267
40x60 24 192 24 192 240  2400 400
40x80 32 256 32 256 320 3200  533

If you would like a Salina's Rental Representative to perform an on-site evaluation of a possible event location, please call (708) 614-9100 to set up an appointment. There is a charge for an on-site evaluation based on possible event location. To calculate an on-site evaluation free, please click here.

Tent Accessories

20 foot side wall panels are available for rental. Globe lighting inside the tents is, also, available. Salina's recommends the following number of globe light strands based on tent size:

Tents up to 20x20 : 1 strand

Tents 20x30 / 20x40 : 2 strands

Tents larger than 20x40 : 3+ strands

Event Seating Information

Cocktail Parties(stand up) 5-6 sq ft./person

Cocktail (Partial Seating) 8 sq. foot per person

Dinner, using 8' banquet table 8 sq. ft. / person

Dinner, using 5' round table 10 sq. ft. / person

Dinner, using larger round tables 12 sq. ft. / person

Cathedral Seating 6 sq. ft. / person

Dance Area 2 sq. ft. / attendee or 5 sq. ft. / dancer

Disc Jockey 100 square foot per table

 Standard heights on our frame tents.

15 x15 and longer 8' height with a 14' 3" Peak(s)

20 x 20 and Longer 8' height and 16' 4" Peak(s)