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Ordering as a Group

The fastest and easiest way for individuals to order as group.




Individual meals, delivered together. Regardless of whether the company is paying for the meals, or the employees are paying for the meals themselves, Seamless makes it easy to order as a group. Everyone places their own meal order and then Seamless sends all the orders over to our restaurant partner(s) together to be processed and delivered at the same time. Each meal arrives in its own bag and no one had to leave their desk. Brilliant.

How it works:

The organizer selects the restaurant(s) and specifies a delivery time.

  • Eligible employees receive an email inviting them to order with the group.
  • Employees click on the link, view menus, select a restaurant, and place their order.
  • All orders are electronically aggregated and sent to the restaurant(s).
  • All meals are individually bagged and labeled, and is delivered at a single, pre-specified time.
  • Does This Sound Familiar?

You need to capture specific billing information like matter number or deal code? No problem.

Only want to subsidize part of your employees' meals? Simple.






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