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Frequently Asked       Questions

Q: Can orders be paid by check? 

A: Yes- catering, pizza, and in-store rental pickups can be paid by check. Rental deliveries must be secured with a credit card. If a customer would like to pay check for a rental delivery, it must be pre-paid in-store well in advance.

Q: Is it necessary to prepay for an order? 
A: Not usually, but certain orders may require payment in advance.
Q: Are deposits required? 
A: Not usually. Deposits ARE REQUIRED for the following:
     -Large catering orders over $1,500
     -Tent rentals and special orders have a $50 non-refundable deposit and must have credit card on file or be paid in full prior to delivery
Q: When determining a headcount, how should children be factored in? 
A: Ages 0-6: count 3 as 1 
    Ages 7-12: count 2 as 1 
    Ages 13+ : count as 1 adult
Q: Is a tip for the delivery driver included in the delivery charge 
A: No, any form of gratuity is left to the customer's discretion on most orders. However, large catering orders may have gratuity.
Q: Where will Salina's deliver catering to?
A: Salina's will deliver catering anywhere.
Q: How much is the rental delivery charge?
A: Catering and rental delivery charges vary based on location.