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Salina’s Pasta & Pizza INC.

Salina’s Catering – Salina’s Rentals

Agreement for Use and Installation of Rental Equipment

7551 175th Street

Tinley Park, Il 60477



All Equipment:

Salinas does not make appointments for set up or take down of rental equipment without an additional fee.

Also, events with a same day set up and take down of rental items will incur an additional fee.

The customer agrees to return the equipment in the same condition it was received.

Customer will be liable and responsible for lost or damaged equipment at replacement cost.

Customer is responsible to obtain any necessary permits, licenses and/or other consents for use of the equipment.

Rental prices exclude set up or takedown of tables and chairs.  Customer is responsible for the set up and the take down of tables and chairs.

Delivery charge is based on ground floor, within 50 feet of a drivable surface.  Second floor delivery or basement delivery will incur additional charges.

Standard rental set up occurs within 4 days prior to the event date.  Example: if event date is Saturday then set up would typically be on Friday, but with a possible set up day of Thursday.  For all Thursday set ups Salina’s will notify the customer prior to delivery.

Delivery driver will be able to inform customer of possible pick up day.

Customer is responsible for the restacking of the tables and chairs the way they were delivered.

Absolutely no nails, staples, thumbtacks, glue or adhesive on the tables, chairs or tents.

Customer is responsible for security and safekeeping of equipment while in their possession.

All equipment is to be returned as it was delivered and in proper working order.

For rental pickups we will assist in loading and unloading but are not responsible for damage to vehicles or contents within vehicle.

Salina’s is not responsible for acts of  God and may defer in it’s own discretion setup and delivery if weather or location conditions present safety issues or concerns.

Tent Rental:

Tent rentals include set up and take down of the tent.

Tent set up is within 50 feet of a drivable surface, additional charges may apply to set up area beyond 50 feet.

Tents are to be set up in the grass, with exception of going over a driveway or patio area with a Frame Tent only.

Tents are never set up in the street or over sidewalks due to strict city guidelines.

Salina’s will call J.U.L.I.E.  or other locating services.

Customer agrees to inform Salina’s in writing of any underground interference other than utilities that will be marked by J.U.L.I.E. or other locating services.

                J.U.L.I.E. – Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators

                It is required by law to contact J.U.L.I.E. before digging or staking into the ground.

                Request of flags for markings on underground lines, do not remove or move flags placed by utility companies.

Salina’s is not responsible for any damage to underground obstructions from staking and anchoring equipment.

If sidewall is removed from tent, customer will insure proper care.

Although the vinyl fabrics have been treated for water repellency, they cannot be guaranteed to be waterproof.

Flags have been given to, or sent out, to the customer for marking of the area where the tent will be set up.

                Please mark the appropriate four corners of your tent.

                We will install the tent as close to the indicated location as possible

                When marking for the tent please try to keep tent at least 5 feet from all obstructions,

If flags have not been given, sent or have been misplaced, then the marking of the tent area can be done with some other form such as white paint.  A plastic folding chair to mark the center of the tent would be ok.  Some types of markings are required.

Do not move the tent under any circumstances after installation.

Signs or banners must not be attached to tent tops or walls, please use tent poles.

No cooking under the tent or within 15 feet of the tent.  No fires of any kind under the tent or within 20 feet of tent.

No heaters unless they are authorized by Salina’s

Lighting, including miniature lights (Christmas), globe lights and rope lights are acceptable.

                For any other type of lighting, Salina’s must give consent.

Inflatable Jumpers:


Inflatable jumper includes set up and pick up, installed on level grass areas only within 50 feet of a drivable surface.

Installed jumper shall not be moved under any circumstances after installation.

Inflatable jumpers need to be under constant adult supervision and all rules and notices must be adhered to. 

Supervision is the responsibility of the party renting the Jumper and not Salina’s.

Generators are available upon request for rent at an additional charge.

Machine Rentals:


Cotton Candy, Sno-Cone, Ice Cream Cart and Popcorn Machine are offered for pick up or delivery. For rental machine deliveries they will most likely be delivered the day of the event.

Machine rental delivery charge includes delivery and pick up of the machine.

All equipment is to be returned in proper working order as received.

Rental equipment that was picked up by customer, must be returned the following morning. 


Cancellation Policy:

                Cancellation of Rental Equipment results in the entire loss of your deposit.

                A 50% cancellation fee may be charged if notice of cancellation is given in less than 48 hours prior to event.                

Cancellation of Jumper due to inclement weather, only on the day of the event, client will be notified by Salina’s and the deposit will not be lost.

                We appreciate your understanding of these policies.

For Equipment Rental Items:

This is a contract of renting only and not of sale, the undersigned renter agrees that he has rented the item(s) herein described upon the express condition that it will at all times remain the property of the rental agent named above; that renter has examined said item, found it to be in good condition and will return it in as good condition as when received, that renter will return immediately to the rental agent any time not functioning normally, that renter will pay when due all charges which accrue because of this rental, including damages to said item.  In the event the renter fails to return said item at the agreed time or fails to abide by any of the other terms of this contract, the rental agent may by renter’s express consent enter onto the land and repossess all equipment without notice to the renter.  Customer expressly consents to the rental agent the right to enter the land in the event of a breach of contract.  All charges are based on the time item is in renter’s possession, whether in use or not.  The rental agent is not responsible for accidents or injuries caused directly or indirectly in the use of the rented item.  Renter is responsible to follow all manufacturer guidelines and instructions for the safe and proper use of all equipment rented.

For purpose of this agreement, equipment shall be liberally defined to include, but not limited to, all rental equipment, tents, jumpers, machines, returnable dishware and utensils.  Both parties acknowledge receipt of good and valuable consideration under the terms of this agreement.  Customer acknowledges having read and receipt of this notice and shall abide to the additional terms and provisions contained herein for rental of all equipment.  We appreciate your business and have fun.

Salina’s Pasta & Pizza and Catering

By ___________________________________                                        By ________________________________________

                Customer / Renter                                                                                                Authorized Rental Agent – Salina’s

                                                                                                                                Customer Alternate

                Customer / Renter

Dated the _______ day of  ___________, 20___.