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Bartender and Waitstaff

Salina's Waitstaff

Bartenders and waitstaff must be rented at a minimum of four hours. Additional hours may be added.


 Bartenders can make and serve drinks. Bartenders can, also, assist waitstaff, if ordered.

*Note: Salina's does not sell any form of liquor, but bartenders are able to serve liquor.

Waitstaff can do all duties of a host, except sweeping and mopping. They can help set up, serve, and pack up food. They can help greet guests. They can carry hors d'oeuvres. Waitstaff can help set up decorations and such before the event. Waitstaff can, also, clean up during an event and when the event ends.

To order a bartender or waitstaff, CLICK HERE

For information on Salina's Jumper and Machine Attendants, CLICK HERE