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Salina's offers inflatable jumping houses, jumper attendants, and generator rentals to complete your party needs! A minimum of 48 business hours in advance is required.

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Portable generators are needed when there is no access to a 120 volt outlet. 2 gallons of gas are supplied per generator rental. Additional fuel is extra.

Generator (2-5kw) - Powers 1 appliance

Generator (3-55kw)- Powers 2 appliances


Generator Instructions

1.Turn switch to on position.
2.Turn fuel switch to on position.
3.Keep choke off.
4.Check fuel.
5.When refueling generator, please leave off for 3 to 5 minutes to allow exhaust to cool down, fumes may ignite if you are too close to the hot exhaust. 
6.We provide a fully fueled generator; a 5 gallon gas can full. Any more fuel needed is at your expense. 
7.Keep generator as far from play area as possible. 100 foot cord is provided with jumper.