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Dear Valued Salinas Guests,


As you have probably noticed, Gmail now sorts your Inbox with various tabs. Because of this, some of your Salina’s email offers might be hiding in the Promotions tab. To make sure you never miss out on our fantastic specials, adjust your settings now to receive deals in your Primary inbox.


It's easy! Here's how:


1. Click on the Promotions tab.


2. Drag any Salina’s emails into the Primary tab.


3. Click "Yes" when asked if you want all future Salina’s emails to go to your Primary inbox


4. Enjoy great deals from Salina’s Pizza and Catering!


From our family to yours, we sincerely thank you for a wonderful year so far, we love serving each and every one of you! We want you to always know what’s going on here at Salina’s so please make sure you make these adjustments. We look forward to providing you with delicious food, excellent service, and fantastic deals for the rest of this year and beyond.