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Frequently Asked



Q: In the 2 entree catering package, approximately how many pieces of chicken are included?
A: Usually, chicken is portioned at 1 and 1/2 pieces per person.
Q:Do garlic breadsticks come with butter packets?
A:No, but butter packets can be added on an order.
Q:What kind of rice comes with the lemon chicken?
A:White rice.
Q: If serving kabobs as the main entree, how many kabobs per person?
A: Kabobs are not included in packages. However, if kabobs are the only entree, 2-3 kabobs per person. 
Q:For an On-Site BBQ, how do I determine what time the cook should arrive at?
A:On-Site BBQs include a cook and cook's assistant for a four hour time period. One should plan for 1 hour for setup, 2 hours
of cooking time, and 1 hour of clean up. Therefore, it is best to plan for the cook to arrive atleast 1 hour prior to the expected
eat time.
Q:What is a gourmet roll similar to?
A: A hamburger or sandwich bun.
Q: Is it possible to order the BBQ package without having an On-Site BBQ?
A: Yes.
Q: What kind of meat are the ribs?
A: Ribs are all pork.
Q: What kind of meat are the hotdogs?
A: Hotdogs are all beef.
Q: How many sandwich rolls are included in packages?
A: Each package includes enough bread for 1 roll per person.
Q: How many servings are in 1 lb of breaded jumbo shrimp?
A: 1 lb of breaded jumbo shrimp equals approximately 20 pcs. Depending on other items, approximately 4- five piece
servings would be recommended.
Q: For cocktail trays, what is the recommended serving size?
A: Approximately 3 to 4 pieces per person is the recommended serving size.
Q:Approximately how many servings are there in one dozen bruschetta bites?
A: About 3 to 4 servings.
Q: Approximately how many servings are there in an order of bite-size Italian sausage?
A: About 10-12 servings.
Q: Where will Salina's deliver catering to?
A: Salina's will deliver catering anywhere.
Q: How much is the rental delivery charge?
A: Catering and rental delivery charges vary based on location.