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How to Save Smart Money on a Party Tent Rental

Celebrating big achievements is a happy necessity in life. However, it is also necessary to plan your party with a budget in mind. Here are some tips from Salina's party rental experts on how to optimize your event budget and save money on your tent:
#1 Consider Space for Entertainment
If you plan on having a a dance floor, it's a lot easier to accommodate the dance floor inside the tent. Some choose to set up the buffet over the dance floor, and afterwards take the buffet down and have the dance floor open. You can do the same thing for a DJ. If you plan on eating earlier and having the DJ later, you can plan on using the same area for both.
#2 Order Fewer Tables and Chairs
So often, we see a huge tent packed with empty tables and chairs with just a few scattered guests sitting together at each one. Unless you plan on having a sit down dinner with everyone eating together at one time, you do not necessarily need seating for every guest. People will be up and moving around. You must consider guests may use your outside patio furniture or be in and out of the house. Some guests often prefer to stay inside to escape the heat. It is better to have fewer tables and chairs under the tent to provide more space while encouraging people to sit together. 
#3 Think about What Kind of Party You are Throwing
If you are having a wedding, you will need extra room. You will want to make sure you have seating for every guest under the tent in case of bad weather. You will want extra room to walk around and socialize. You may need space for a bar, DJ, band, or dance floor. It is necessary to consider how much space you will need for a head table, gift table, card table, desserts, and beverages.If you are having a graduation party, people will most likely arrive and depart at various times. People will be eating at different times. In this instance, it is not as crucial to have seating for every guest you have invited. 
After examining these details regarding your event, you should be able to better determine the size of tent and number of tables and chairs you will need to rent. As always, Salina's catering experts are happy to help you determine exactly what you need to make your event a success. Call today at (708)614-9100.
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Orland Park Graduation Catering Ideas

Orland Park graduation party season is nearing! We know that means the planning has already begun. Whether you're celebrating a middle school, high school, or college graduation, Salina's has been one of Orland Park's top caterers for almost 20 years. Our catering experts have a few suggestions to make your graduation trendier than the rest.

Idea #1 Food on a Stick
We've all experienced a Saturday in June that was filled with 3 back-to-back graduation parties. Often, people stop in to give their congratulations and have to run. With kabobs, fruit or meat, more guests will be able to have a quick bite before they have to head out.
Idea #2 Themed Menu
To add a little flavor to the party, order a themed catering menu. Salina's offers fun Hawaiian and Mexican packages. If you match your decorations to your menu, you're graduation party might be the talk of the town.
Idea #3 Finger Food
Depending on your guest list, finger foods might be the way to go for catering. If a lot of the graduate's friends are stopping in, if there are a lot of young children, or if your guests have to fit 3 parties in one day, a big sit down meal might not work best. A wide variety of appetizers or mini sandwiches might accommodate your guests better. 
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Tinley Park Catering Graduation Tips

Salina's carries everything you need to have the best Tinley Park graduation party of the summer. Whether you're celebrating a middle school, high school, or college graduation, Salina's has been one of Tinley Park's top caterers for almost 20 years. We know that planning the perfect graduation party can be stressful, so here are some helpful tips from our catering experts.

Tip #1 Call in a few weeks in advance to reserve the catering delivery time you really want.

Due to the numerous catering orders we have during graduation party season, delivery times may become booked quickly.
By contacting us in advance about what time you will want your food delivered, we can ensure your time slot. If you wait to reserve your delivery time, you may have difficulty getting the delivery time you want.

Tip #2 Order for the exact number of people you're having

Don't over or under order. It will leave your guests hungry, or leave you with mountains of leftovers. Salina's has very generous portion sizes. We frequently receive comments from customers that they had the perfect amount of food when they ordered for how many guests they were having. 

Tip #3 Plan to serve dinner at least one hour into the party start time

Don't have your catering delivered before your guests arrive or right when they are getting there. It is best to wait a minimum of an hour into the graduation party to serve the meal to allow latecomers a chance to arrive and everyone time to get settled in, try some appetizers, have a drink, and mingle a bit. Salina's provides a 30 minute catering delivery window to make specific meal times in Tinley Park a reality.


For more catering information click Catering

For our Catering Menu click Catering Menu

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Why Cater for the Big Game? Sports Party Catering is the Way to Go

Are you a sports fan in Tinley Park, Orland Park, New Lenox, Frankfort, Mokena, Lockport, Homer Glen, Oak Forest, Manhattan, or Monee looking for a caterer for your football party? Salinas Catering can provide you with game day favorites delivered right to your house in any of these areas so that you won’t have to miss one minute of the game.


Is it your turn to host a sports party for the big game? Impress your friends by having the party catered and make this event enjoyable for yourself. There are numerous reasons why catering is the only way to go. Learn more from the article below:


Choosing to have your football party catered will allow you to enjoy the game as much as all of your guests. You won’t have to worry about cooking or setting out the food during halftime. You can choose a time to have your food delivered to your house and set up by your caterer at a time that is convenient for you and your guests. They will also bring disposable plates and utensils which will make for easy clean up.


Another advantage of going with a local caterer for your sports party is that you can order all of your guests’ game day favorites. Place a catering order for appetizers, wings, pizzas, and sandwiches. Salina’s full extensive menu can satisfy all of your guests’ cravings for game day food.


Catering a sports party also prevents you from having to ask your guests to bring a dish to share and from throwing a pot luck party. Let your guests enjoy themselves and not have to worry about bringing a food item over to your home for the party. Have your caterer take care of all of the food. Set up a few simple help yourself beverage stations so that you won’t have to miss any of the game waiting on your guests. 
3 Ingredients to a Perfect Holiday Party


What are the three key ingredients to a perfect holiday party? Whether you are hosting a party in Tinley Park, Orland Park, New Lenox, Frankfort, Mokena, Lockport, Homer Glen, Oak Forest, Manhattan, or Monee you can turn to Salinas Catering for all of your holiday party needs.


3 Ingredients for a Perfect Holiday Party:


A happy and stress-free host


The number one way to ensure that your holiday party is successful is to spend time with your guests instead of in the kitchen. The easiest way to achieve this is by letting a caterer do all of the hard work. By choosing Salinas Catering to handle your holiday party, you can enjoy your guests. Let your caterer come in and set up your food and supply all of the necessary serve ware for easy clean up. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time relaxing.


Plenty of food and several food options


Provide your guests with plenty of food and make sure there are several food options available that will appeal to children and guests with dietary restrictions. Select finger foods for kids and a vegetarian and gluten free dish for guests with dietary restrictions. This is especially important if you are hosting a larger party and are not aware of any dietary restrictions your guests may have. It is always better to offer these special dishes than to have guests unable to eat your holiday spread.


Room to dine comfortably


There is nothing wrong with renting an eight foot table and chairs and placing it in your living room so that you can provide a comfortable dining area for all of your guests. If you are having a larger holiday party at your home and need some extra space, rent a table and chairs and fit it into any room of your house that can accommodate your guests.

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Orland Park Catering Tips on Planning Outdoor Parties

Orland Park Catering Tips on Planning Outdoor Parties


Planning on outdoor party? Need some helpful advice and tips on securing rentals and ordering food? Your Orland Park catering company is ready and waiting to help you plan your special events. Follow these tips on planning a successful outdoor party to make sure your guests have a memorable time for all the right reasons.


Tip #1 Having too much of something is always better than not having enough.


The age old adage is true. It is always better to have too much food than not enough. This doesn’t mean that you have to order enough food to feed a dozen extra guests but you should take some time in making your menu selections and ask your Orland Park catering company for help with deciding portions. Keep in mind that the event’s time of day and the type of guests you are hosting should factor into your menu portioning. Guests will tend to eat more at a party hosted during the dinner hours. Kids will eat less than adults. Your caterer will help ensure that you don’t run out of food for your hungry guests.


Tip #2 When it rains, it pours.


Planning a backyard party or outdoor graduation ceremony? If you are hosting a party with a large number of guests that can not comfortably all be seated inside of your house you will need to secure party rentals providing them a comfortable seating area outdoors under the protection of a tent. Talk to your Orland Park catering company directly to see what size tent you will need to accommodate your guests.


You will also need to consider renting tables and chairs for your guests. If you will be setting up your food outdoors rent extra tables for your serving stations. Always be prepared for a few extra guests and some rain and your guests will enjoy your party regardless of the weather.


Tip #3 Be prepared for hot or cold temperatures.


Living in the Chicagoland areas leaves you vulnerable to unseasonable temperatures. While it is easy for your guests to bundle up and add on extra layers, you will need to make plans for your food to make sure that it stays the correct temperature. Ask your Orland Park catering company how you can make sure your food stays warm or cold at an outdoor party.


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Plan a Party and Book Tinley Park Catering in 3 Easy Steps

Are you planning a graduation party or backyard wedding? Booking your caterer should be your next order of business once you have selected the date of the event. Read on and follow these three steps on how to choose your caterer.


Step #1 Establish a budget for your party.


Before you start buying supplies for your party and placing your Tinley Park catering order, come up with a price range that you would like to spend on your party. By estimating what you are comfortable spending before you start planning, it will be easier to get a general idea of how much of your budget you can spend on the food and any necessary rentals.


Step #2 Go with a Tinley Park Catering Business that can take care of all of your party needs including your rentals.


Trying to secure rentals and food for a party can become a hassle. Make things easier on yourself by selecting a catering company with the ability to take on all of your catering needs including the food and rentals. Whether you are hosting a large backyard party and are looking to rent a tent along with tables and chairs, or if you just want to add something special to your child’s birthday by renting a snow cone machine, select a caterer that can fulfill your rental needs along with your food.


 Step #3 Choose a diverse menu to appease all of your guests.


No matter how large or small your party is, offering your guests several food options is always a smart idea. Keep in mind that some of your guests may have special dietary needs that require them to eat vegetarian or gluten free foods. Vary your food menu and choose a caterer that is equipped to provide you with a large selection of delicious food items that guests with special dietary needs can enjoy. 

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