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Pig Roasting In Your Backyard Made Easy!

How to roast a pig from start to finish with the help of Salina's Catering in Tinley Park. We make it easy by prepping the pig in the BBQ box, so all you have to do is add charcoal, flip the pig once, then carve and serve. or 708-614-9100

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Cooking a pig in a Cuban Coffin by Salina’s Catering in Tinley Park.


This is really easy to do. If you can cook food on a grill, you can roast a pig.

We do all the prep and all the clean-up.


Here’s a list of what you’re going to need:

Hot Gloves, towels or oven mitts for two people

A cooking thermometer

4 bags of charcoal (Regular Briquettes will do fine)

One lighter fluid

Matches or a lighter

Cutting board(s) and a knife(s)

A table to carve the pig on (we like to cover the table so we can throw the tablecloth out after we're done)

Some foil pans to place the carved meat 

Disposable gloves

A timer (I use my phone)

A party with a few guests

A fire extinguisher or a garden hose turned on might not be a bad idea also.



Prepping the pig:

This is all done by us at Salina’s



We cut off the legs (head is optional)

So we lay the pig out and cover it with olive oil and season it completely.

 We then cut it down the spine and open the pig all the way up so it lays completely flat and squeeze it between the 2 wire frames.


Then we lay the pig in the Cuban coffin that is already prepped for easy clean- up


Please note:

 You will want to check the temperature of the pork butts (where I’m pointing to and the pork shoulders) these two areas are the thickest parts of meat. The thermometer should read 165 degrees before we flip the pig to brown the skin. 

So after we deliver


Cooking the Pig:

This is your part unless we come out to do it for you.


This is going to take about 3.5 hours to cook, so I want you to start 5 hours before you want to serve.


Read the directions on the side of the box (They are really easy to follow)


The pig is prepped in the box upside down with the rib bones pointing up.

Next there are 4 pieces of metal on the perimeter of the box that support the solid ash tray (the solid galvanized piece of metal with the 2 handles on it) the charcoal tray (the one with all the holes in it) this will rest directly on the ash tray.

Please note:

When adding charcoal and checking the pig you will need to shake the charcoal tray lightly over the ash tray and dump the ash tray so it doesn’t insulate the heat from the pig.


So let’s get started

Let’s add the charcoal to the charcoal tray and give it a little lighter fluid and light it up.

Don’t worry- the lighter fluid fumes won’t make it in the box so go ahead and do this right on top of the box like we do.


Set your timer for an hour and then we will check the pig for the first time.



After an hour you going to check the pig and this is what it looks like after an hour. Then you need to add more charcoal according to the directions on the box and go ahead and close the box back up.

Do this every hour until the biggest (thickest) piece of meat is cooked. Just follow the directions along the side of the box; it’s pretty dead on.


If the pig isn’t done by the third time leave it in until it is. Please don’t flip the pig until it’s cooked. Check the butts and shoulders with a thermometer. Please make sure that the biggest (thickest) part of the pig is 165 degrees or greater.

Then you want to have someone help you pick to pick up the pig by the rack and flip it 180° now we're going  to score the skin with a knife so the skin get nice and crispy. After we're done scoring the skin put the cover back on top of the box. Finish cooking according to the directions, this takes about  30 to 45 minutes


After the skin is crispy take the pig out by the rack with two people and put it up on your carving table and let it rest for a few minutes .This is a great time to show off all your hard work.

Let it cool off for a few minutes as it will be easier to remove the rack and a lot easier to carve.


Take the rack off by removing the 4 “S” clips and then remove the top or both pieces of rack.


We usually start with the Butts. You can usually break the butts at the joint, cut it if you need to. It’s as easy as pulling up on them and breaking right at the leg joint. Next I usually do the ribs.  I'll lift up on the ribs and if its difficult at all I just take the knife and cut them right out.



You can cut all of this up as you go or put the bigger pieces aside and go back and cut it afterwards.

From here it's pretty much just keep going cutting or pulling sections of meat until your left with just bones.


Please dump the charcoal, ashes, and drippings out of the box(after the charcoal is out) Put the rest of the pieces in or on the box and we will take it from there.


Enjoy your party!

 For more information Click Here for more information on the Pig Roaster

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Tinley Park Catering Graduation Tips

Salina's carries everything you need to have the best Tinley Park graduation party of the summer. Whether you're celebrating a middle school, high school, or college graduation, Salina's has been one of Tinley Park's top caterers for almost 20 years. We know that planning the perfect graduation party can be stressful, so here are some helpful tips from our catering experts.

Tip #1 Call in a few weeks in advance to reserve the catering delivery time you really want.

Due to the numerous catering orders we have during graduation party season, delivery times may become booked quickly.
By contacting us in advance about what time you will want your food delivered, we can ensure your time slot. If you wait to reserve your delivery time, you may have difficulty getting the delivery time you want.

Tip #2 Order for the exact number of people you're having

Don't over or under order. It will leave your guests hungry, or leave you with mountains of leftovers. Salina's has very generous portion sizes. We frequently receive comments from customers that they had the perfect amount of food when they ordered for how many guests they were having. 

Tip #3 Plan to serve dinner at least one hour into the party start time

Don't have your catering delivered before your guests arrive or right when they are getting there. It is best to wait a minimum of an hour into the graduation party to serve the meal to allow latecomers a chance to arrive and everyone time to get settled in, try some appetizers, have a drink, and mingle a bit. Salina's provides a 30 minute catering delivery window to make specific meal times in Tinley Park a reality.


For more catering information click Catering

For our Catering Menu click Catering Menu

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Top Notch Homer Glen Catering Party Tips

Top Notch Homer Glen Catering Party Tips


Looking for some party planning tips that will help you get started in making arrangements for your event? Follow these expert Homer Glen catering tips to plan a stress free party all of your guests will rave about for months to come!


Tip #1 Choose a variety of menu items to meet all of your guests’ needs.


Start off with a basic package that comes with a few items such as a pasta dish, Italian beef, and a side dish. Packages are always a cost effective and easy way to start planning your menu.


Then, order a few extra items to make sure that you can meet all of your guests needs. Think of which food items are popular with children. You may want to order an extra tray of chicken tenders if you have several children attending your party. Add on a few cheese pizzas if you have invited vegetarian guests. Also, find gluten-free menu options if you are having gluten intolerant guests at your party.


Tip #2 Plan for a few extra guests.


Summertime parties almost always draw more guests than you originally invited. For some reason, everyone loves a party in the summer time and your guests may extend your invitation out to others. Plan on children bringing along a friend to you party, teenagers inviting a date, and relatives extending the invitation out to other family members. Increasing your food quantities a bit will ensure that you have plenty of food for all of your guests, no matter how many additional people they invite.


Tip #3 Set up an outdoor party space in the summer months.


Your Homer Glen catering company should be able to help you with your basic rental needs such as a tent, tables, and chairs. Even if you have enough room inside of your house to accommodate your guests they will want to congregate outdoors. Provide ample seating and tables outdoors so guests can eat in the backyard and enjoy the summertime season. 

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3 Ways Your New Lenox Catering Company Can Save the Day

3 Ways Your New Lenox Catering Company Can Save the Day


Major Save #1 It’s the week of your backyard party and you see nothing but rain in the forecast.


Weather not cooperating with your backyard party plans?


By opting to go with a New Lenox catering company that also provides party rentals such as: tents, tables, chairs, and porta potties, you can rest assured that your caterer will make sure you are ready for your event rain or shine. Choose a local caterer that is capable of supplying you with all of your backyard party rentals in addition to your food. When there is inclement weather in your forecast, contact your caterer to find out about what tents they have available at the last minute for your backyard party.


Major Save #2 You have 50 guests attending your child’s graduation party but you only ordered enough food for 25 people. Last minute add-ons can throw off your menu planning.


How do you know you have ordered enough food? Has your guest list fluctuated since you originally placed your order?


Don’t be afraid to ask your New Lenox Catering Company for advice on how much food you should order. Always discuss the number of guests you are having attend your party when you are speaking with your caterer. They will let you know right away if they feel you haven’t ordered enough food for your event. Experienced caterers can also help with your menu planning so you can be confident you have made selections that will appeal to all of your guests.


Major Save #3 The temperature isn’t cooperating with your plans for an outdoor party.


Any New Lenox Catering business should know that it is possible to experience unseasonably cold or extremely hot Chicago weather during the summer months. Whether you are concerned with keeping your cold foods at a cool temperature on a sweltering hot summer day, or if unseasonably cool weather sets in on the day of your outdoor party, your caterer should have the equipment you need to keep your food safe for serving. From lidded chaffing dishes fueled by sternos to cold plates on ice; your caterer can provide solutions to keep your foods at the proper temperature no matter what weather the WindyCity dishes out!


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