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Ice Cream Cart: 3 Reasons to Make Your Party a Little Cooler

Ice Cream Cart: 3 Reasons to Make Your Party a Little Cooler
Want to  know an excellent summer party secret? Instead of having cake for dessert, order an ice cream cart! Salina's makes ordering an ice cream cart as simple as can be. 
Ice cream carts are a delivery-only item. For a one-time delivery fee (Click Here to Calculate Your Delivery Charge), we drop off the ice cream cart at your location the morning of the event and pick up the ice cream cart the next day. 
A great feature of the ice cream cart is that is will stay cold for up to 8 hours unplugged. They are great for pool parties, graduations, 4th of July parties, birthdays, and corporate safety luncheons, employee appreciations, as well as  other events. 
Here are 3 of our top reasons why you need an ice cream cart at your event:
Reason #1 Ice cream is the perfect way to help your guests cool down in the summer heat.
The summers seem to keep getting hotter and hotter! Ice cream helps cool off guests while still being able to enjoy the sunshine. This is especially helpful with kids who are busy running around and playing all day.
Reason #2 With an ice cream cart, guests have a great variety of choices.
Salina's carries over 15 popular kinds of ice cream bars. A mixture of flavors allows each guest to have something they like. This makes the ice cream cart a great alternative for kids!
Reason #3 There is less mess with an ice cream cart because all ice cream bars are individually wrapped.
There's always a hassle with desserts.You need to perfectly time when to set them out, cut pies and cakes, scoop ice cream, make sure they don't sit out too long, and put them away. With the ice cream cart, you can forget about all of that! Guests can grab dessert whenever they'd like and simply toss away their wrapper. 
For more information on our ice cream cart rentals click  Ice Cream Cart Rental Informationl 

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