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How to Save Smart Money on a Party Tent Rental

Celebrating big achievements is a happy necessity in life. However, it is also necessary to plan your party with a budget in mind. Here are some tips from Salina's party rental experts on how to optimize your event budget and save money on your tent:
#1 Consider Space for Entertainment
If you plan on having a a dance floor, it's a lot easier to accommodate the dance floor inside the tent. Some choose to set up the buffet over the dance floor, and afterwards take the buffet down and have the dance floor open. You can do the same thing for a DJ. If you plan on eating earlier and having the DJ later, you can plan on using the same area for both.
#2 Order Fewer Tables and Chairs
So often, we see a huge tent packed with empty tables and chairs with just a few scattered guests sitting together at each one. Unless you plan on having a sit down dinner with everyone eating together at one time, you do not necessarily need seating for every guest. People will be up and moving around. You must consider guests may use your outside patio furniture or be in and out of the house. Some guests often prefer to stay inside to escape the heat. It is better to have fewer tables and chairs under the tent to provide more space while encouraging people to sit together. 
#3 Think about What Kind of Party You are Throwing
If you are having a wedding, you will need extra room. You will want to make sure you have seating for every guest under the tent in case of bad weather. You will want extra room to walk around and socialize. You may need space for a bar, DJ, band, or dance floor. It is necessary to consider how much space you will need for a head table, gift table, card table, desserts, and beverages.If you are having a graduation party, people will most likely arrive and depart at various times. People will be eating at different times. In this instance, it is not as crucial to have seating for every guest you have invited. 
After examining these details regarding your event, you should be able to better determine the size of tent and number of tables and chairs you will need to rent. As always, Salina's catering experts are happy to help you determine exactly what you need to make your event a success. Call today at (708)614-9100.
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How Big of a Party Tent Rental Do I Need for My Graduation Party?

One of the most common questions our experts get from customers is, "How big of a tent do I need?" The best way to determine what size tent to order is to consider how many people you are having at your event. It is also essential to account for additional space you possibly may need for a dance floor, bar, or DJ. 
It is helpful to decide if you will be serving buffet-style or family-style. If you are having a buffet, you may need extra room in the tent to set up tables for that. If you are having a sit down dinner, you will need seating for all guests all at one time. Bigger tents are more forgiving than smaller tents.
Thus, the more activities you're planning to do in the tent will require more space.
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Oak Forest Graduation Catering Ideas

It is always a challenge when planning a party to think of ways to make a party especially memorable. It can start to seem like almost every weekend another graduation party is on the books. If you're planning a graduation in Oak Forest, spicing up your catering menu might be the answer you're looking for. Salina's offers a huge selection of catering options so you can have the party you've always wanted. Try mixing it up a bit with some of these fun catering menu ideas from Salina's experts!

Idea #1 Order a wide variety of items
Different people like different things. By ordering a wider variety of items in smaller quantities, everyone will be able to find something they like. Also, by ordering a greater number of catering dishes, you reduce the amount of each item you need to order.
Idea #2 Have a pig roast
A great option for summer parties is to have a pig roast! Salina's can even come out to your house, cook and serve the pig for you. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, we have all the equipment available for rent, also.
Idea #3 Try the BBQ package
Sometimes, you want to have a BBQ, but you just don't feel like cooking! Salina's has a solution! With our BBQ package, you have a number of different backyard favorites to choose from. Additionally, Salina's,  has chefs available who can come prep, cook, and serve your BBQ choices on a grill at your event. With the on-site BBQ, guests can have their meal made when they want!
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Deck out your Frankfort graduation party

Graduation season is upon us! This wonderful time comes but once a year. Considering that, very few people have all the furniture they need to accommodate a house full of guests. Most people don't have enough room in the house for all their guests so the party overflows to outside. Salina's not only has you covered for all your catering needs, but we carry a huge line of rental party furniture too! Here are a few great party rental items to complete your event:

#1 White Canopy Party Tent
With a tent, you can keep the party (& most of the mess) outside! In the summer, guests want to enjoy the weather, but they don't want to have the sun beating down on them. Tents allow guests to stay cool and dry while celebrating a very special day.
#2 Inflatable Jump House Castle
Inflatable jumpers are excellent options for graduation parties with young guests. They are a blast, and kids will be amused for hours! Even adults will take a turn jumping. 
#3 Ice Cream Cart
The summers have been getting hotter and hotter! Keep your guests cool by having ice cream treats available. This way, people can grab dessert and cool down when they need it most. The kids will love it! Ice cream carts are especially  great for block parties, family picnics, and graduations!
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Orland Park Graduation Catering Ideas

Orland Park graduation party season is nearing! We know that means the planning has already begun. Whether you're celebrating a middle school, high school, or college graduation, Salina's has been one of Orland Park's top caterers for almost 20 years. Our catering experts have a few suggestions to make your graduation trendier than the rest.

Idea #1 Food on a Stick
We've all experienced a Saturday in June that was filled with 3 back-to-back graduation parties. Often, people stop in to give their congratulations and have to run. With kabobs, fruit or meat, more guests will be able to have a quick bite before they have to head out.
Idea #2 Themed Menu
To add a little flavor to the party, order a themed catering menu. Salina's offers fun Hawaiian and Mexican packages. If you match your decorations to your menu, you're graduation party might be the talk of the town.
Idea #3 Finger Food
Depending on your guest list, finger foods might be the way to go for catering. If a lot of the graduate's friends are stopping in, if there are a lot of young children, or if your guests have to fit 3 parties in one day, a big sit down meal might not work best. A wide variety of appetizers or mini sandwiches might accommodate your guests better. 
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Mokena Graduation Catering Suggestions

Planning the catering for a graduation party is very difficult for many. Whether you're celebrating a Mokena middle school, high school, or college graduation, Salina's has been one of Mokena's top caterers for almost 20 years. Our experts have a few suggestions that might help transform your graduation party into the fun event you're aiming for.

Approach #1 Buffet Style Meal
A graduation party might be the first time friends have seen each other in a while. A sit down meal might limit whom your guests spend time talking. A buffet style meal allows guests mingle and socialize. 
Approach #2 Grab & Go Trays
A variety of trays helps make a graduation party more full. Fruit, relish, or cheese trays contribute variety to catering. A hot appetizer or dessert tray can start off or end your menu with an extra special touch. Variety helps accommodate all guests' diets without being stuck with a ton of leftover entrees.
Approach #3 Pizzas
Graduation parties are filled with kids and young adults, and everyone loves pizza! Pizza might be the perfect item to add to your menu to accommodate those picky eaters. Whether you add it at dinnertime or as an evening snack, your guests will be thrilled.
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Salina's Friday Night Dartboard Challenge!

Salina's Friday Night Dartboard Challenge!



Friday Nights Come in and try your luck at the new Salina's Dart Board Challenge! When you come in to pick up a Carry-Out order, you can try and get you entire order FREE! Check out the official rules in our posted photo. Good luck and see you at Salina's!

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Lenten Specials

Last Days for our Lenten Specials!Lenten.jpg

 Baked Tilapia Dinners:

Garlic and Herb or Tortilla -Crusted  

Served with coleslaw and choice of salad, fries or potato wedges.


Breaded Shrimp Dinner -Served with coleslaw and choice of fries or potato wedges $6.99 after the discount


3 pc. Beer Battered Cod Dinner  -Served with coleslaw and fries $6.99 after the discount


Pepper and Egg Sandwich-  $1.99 after the discount

3 scrambled eggs with diced green peppers served on a fresh french roll.


Cheese Nugget Pizza- Baked in a deep dish pan with a garlic butter crust topped with mozzarella cheese cut into bite-sized nuggets and served with a side of pizza sauce. 


  For Coupons, Full Details, Pricing and Lenten Special Pricing click here

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Pig Roasting In Your Backyard Made Easy!

How to roast a pig from start to finish with the help of Salina's Catering in Tinley Park. We make it easy by prepping the pig in the BBQ box, so all you have to do is add charcoal, flip the pig once, then carve and serve. or 708-614-9100

Give us a call if we can help!



Cooking a pig in a Cuban Coffin by Salina’s Catering in Tinley Park.


This is really easy to do. If you can cook food on a grill, you can roast a pig.

We do all the prep and all the clean-up.


Here’s a list of what you’re going to need:

Hot Gloves, towels or oven mitts for two people

A cooking thermometer

4 bags of charcoal (Regular Briquettes will do fine)

One lighter fluid

Matches or a lighter

Cutting board(s) and a knife(s)

A table to carve the pig on (we like to cover the table so we can throw the tablecloth out after we're done)

Some foil pans to place the carved meat 

Disposable gloves

A timer (I use my phone)

A party with a few guests

A fire extinguisher or a garden hose turned on might not be a bad idea also.



Prepping the pig:

This is all done by us at Salina’s



We cut off the legs (head is optional)

So we lay the pig out and cover it with olive oil and season it completely.

 We then cut it down the spine and open the pig all the way up so it lays completely flat and squeeze it between the 2 wire frames.


Then we lay the pig in the Cuban coffin that is already prepped for easy clean- up


Please note:

 You will want to check the temperature of the pork butts (where I’m pointing to and the pork shoulders) these two areas are the thickest parts of meat. The thermometer should read 165 degrees before we flip the pig to brown the skin. 

So after we deliver


Cooking the Pig:

This is your part unless we come out to do it for you.


This is going to take about 3.5 hours to cook, so I want you to start 5 hours before you want to serve.


Read the directions on the side of the box (They are really easy to follow)


The pig is prepped in the box upside down with the rib bones pointing up.

Next there are 4 pieces of metal on the perimeter of the box that support the solid ash tray (the solid galvanized piece of metal with the 2 handles on it) the charcoal tray (the one with all the holes in it) this will rest directly on the ash tray.

Please note:

When adding charcoal and checking the pig you will need to shake the charcoal tray lightly over the ash tray and dump the ash tray so it doesn’t insulate the heat from the pig.


So let’s get started

Let’s add the charcoal to the charcoal tray and give it a little lighter fluid and light it up.

Don’t worry- the lighter fluid fumes won’t make it in the box so go ahead and do this right on top of the box like we do.


Set your timer for an hour and then we will check the pig for the first time.



After an hour you going to check the pig and this is what it looks like after an hour. Then you need to add more charcoal according to the directions on the box and go ahead and close the box back up.

Do this every hour until the biggest (thickest) piece of meat is cooked. Just follow the directions along the side of the box; it’s pretty dead on.


If the pig isn’t done by the third time leave it in until it is. Please don’t flip the pig until it’s cooked. Check the butts and shoulders with a thermometer. Please make sure that the biggest (thickest) part of the pig is 165 degrees or greater.

Then you want to have someone help you pick to pick up the pig by the rack and flip it 180° now we're going  to score the skin with a knife so the skin get nice and crispy. After we're done scoring the skin put the cover back on top of the box. Finish cooking according to the directions, this takes about  30 to 45 minutes


After the skin is crispy take the pig out by the rack with two people and put it up on your carving table and let it rest for a few minutes .This is a great time to show off all your hard work.

Let it cool off for a few minutes as it will be easier to remove the rack and a lot easier to carve.


Take the rack off by removing the 4 “S” clips and then remove the top or both pieces of rack.


We usually start with the Butts. You can usually break the butts at the joint, cut it if you need to. It’s as easy as pulling up on them and breaking right at the leg joint. Next I usually do the ribs.  I'll lift up on the ribs and if its difficult at all I just take the knife and cut them right out.



You can cut all of this up as you go or put the bigger pieces aside and go back and cut it afterwards.

From here it's pretty much just keep going cutting or pulling sections of meat until your left with just bones.


Please dump the charcoal, ashes, and drippings out of the box(after the charcoal is out) Put the rest of the pieces in or on the box and we will take it from there.


Enjoy your party!

 For more information Click Here for more information on the Pig Roaster

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Tinley Park Catering Graduation Tips

Salina's carries everything you need to have the best Tinley Park graduation party of the summer. Whether you're celebrating a middle school, high school, or college graduation, Salina's has been one of Tinley Park's top caterers for almost 20 years. We know that planning the perfect graduation party can be stressful, so here are some helpful tips from our catering experts.

Tip #1 Call in a few weeks in advance to reserve the catering delivery time you really want.

Due to the numerous catering orders we have during graduation party season, delivery times may become booked quickly.
By contacting us in advance about what time you will want your food delivered, we can ensure your time slot. If you wait to reserve your delivery time, you may have difficulty getting the delivery time you want.

Tip #2 Order for the exact number of people you're having

Don't over or under order. It will leave your guests hungry, or leave you with mountains of leftovers. Salina's has very generous portion sizes. We frequently receive comments from customers that they had the perfect amount of food when they ordered for how many guests they were having. 

Tip #3 Plan to serve dinner at least one hour into the party start time

Don't have your catering delivered before your guests arrive or right when they are getting there. It is best to wait a minimum of an hour into the graduation party to serve the meal to allow latecomers a chance to arrive and everyone time to get settled in, try some appetizers, have a drink, and mingle a bit. Salina's provides a 30 minute catering delivery window to make specific meal times in Tinley Park a reality.


For more catering information click Catering

For our Catering Menu click Catering Menu

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Ice Cream Cart: 3 Reasons to Make Your Party a Little Cooler

Ice Cream Cart: 3 Reasons to Make Your Party a Little Cooler
Want to  know an excellent summer party secret? Instead of having cake for dessert, order an ice cream cart! Salina's makes ordering an ice cream cart as simple as can be. 
Ice cream carts are a delivery-only item. For a one-time delivery fee (Click Here to Calculate Your Delivery Charge), we drop off the ice cream cart at your location the morning of the event and pick up the ice cream cart the next day. 
A great feature of the ice cream cart is that is will stay cold for up to 8 hours unplugged. They are great for pool parties, graduations, 4th of July parties, birthdays, and corporate safety luncheons, employee appreciations, as well as  other events. 
Here are 3 of our top reasons why you need an ice cream cart at your event:
Reason #1 Ice cream is the perfect way to help your guests cool down in the summer heat.
The summers seem to keep getting hotter and hotter! Ice cream helps cool off guests while still being able to enjoy the sunshine. This is especially helpful with kids who are busy running around and playing all day.
Reason #2 With an ice cream cart, guests have a great variety of choices.
Salina's carries over 15 popular kinds of ice cream bars. A mixture of flavors allows each guest to have something they like. This makes the ice cream cart a great alternative for kids!
Reason #3 There is less mess with an ice cream cart because all ice cream bars are individually wrapped.
There's always a hassle with desserts.You need to perfectly time when to set them out, cut pies and cakes, scoop ice cream, make sure they don't sit out too long, and put them away. With the ice cream cart, you can forget about all of that! Guests can grab dessert whenever they'd like and simply toss away their wrapper. 
For more information on our ice cream cart rentals click  Ice Cream Cart Rental Informationl 
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.99 Homemade 1/4 pound hamburgers. Tuesday and Thursdays in May at Salina's


.99  Homemade 1/4 pound hamburgers. Tuesday and Thursdays in May at Salina's 

Limit 10

Order one (or 10) Today! 

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Sports Viewing Party Catering in Tinley Park and Orland Park

This is sports season with the Chicago Bears and Chicago Bulls games going strong. Find a Tinley Park or Orland Park catering company for your sports viewing party and have your friends and family come over and watch a game. Don’t worry about having to cook for your guests; instead, opt to have your food catered. You can enjoy your party and serve up all of your favorite game day foods.


Sports viewing parties are fun for the whole family. Looking for a laid back and casual get together for your friends and family? A sports viewing party is the perfect opportunity to invite your friends and family over and to host a party. Sports parties are casual- guests can dress in their team’s jersey and jeans and drop in for an open house style sports party anytime during the game.


Sports parties are also extremely easy to have catered. You won’t have to spend a fortune on catering for a sports party. Your guests will appreciate any simple foods that you order from your local Tinley Park or Orland Park catering service. Keep it simple with a few specialty pizzas or order some finger foods and appetizers to feed a hungry crowd. Buy some beer and soda and you are all set with your food and beverages.


By opting to use a Tinley Park or Orland Park catering service for your food you can also guarantee an easy party set-up and clean-up. Your caterers will provide disposable plates and silverware along with disposable serving utensils. You won’t have to spend any time in the kitchen preparing food or cooking. Clean-up will require a minimal effort on your behalf.


Throw the ultimate sports viewing party bash in your home and enjoy the party as if you were a guest. Invite all of your friends over for a fun laid-back good time and let your caterer handle all the hard work.

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Southwest Suburbs Sports Party Catering Tips

Are you looking for tips on hosting a sports party in your home? Read through these helpful sports party catering tips to throw a stress free party in your home you and your guests will enjoy!


Tip #1 Always have your food catered


The easiest way to ensure that you enjoy your party as much as your guests will be to choose a southwest suburbs caterer to prepare and deliver your food. This will provide you with more time to spend with your guests and watching the game. You won’t have to worry about spending hours in the kitchen cooking or having to leave your house during the game to pick up your food order. Choose a caterer that can deliver your order to your home.


Tip #2 Rent an eight foot table to set up your food


Don’t want to miss a minute of the game? Make things convenient for yourself and your guests by renting an eight foot table and setting up your food right in a corner of the living room. Guests will be able to eat at any time during the game and they won’t have to worry about missing out on an important play.


Tip #3 Buy a cart with wheels to use as a beverage station.


This is a great investment if you are a frequent host of parties. For game day parties, you can throw a tub of ice filled with beer on the cart and keep it close to the television. You can also set up a few other drinks and mixers on the cart so that guests won’t have to go to the kitchen to make a drink during the game. These carts are perfect for party hosts that want to set up a drink station.


Holiday Catering VS Holiday Cooking


Do you live in the Tinley Park, Orland Park, New Lenox, Frankfort, Mokena, Lockport, Homer Glen, Oak Forest, Manhattan, or Monee areas? Consider using Salinas for holiday catering instead of trying to prepare your own meal. Learn more about the advantages of choosing a holiday caterer versus cooking your holiday meal in the article below.


Advantage #1 No shopping for long grocery lists and spending hours cooking before your guests arrive


Not only do you have to spend a lot of your time cooking the food for a holiday meal, you also spend hours shopping for everything that you need. Imagine how much time you will save yourself if you opt to have your holiday dinner catered? This is time that you can spend decorating your house, enjoying the holiday season with your family, and doing the things that you love.


Advantage #2 No disasters in the kitchen or burnt food


If you have ever had a kitchen disaster moments before your guests arrive, you know exactly what we are talking about. Avoid spilling turkey pan drippings in your oven and spreading smoke throughout your whole home, making a recipe and forgetting to add a key ingredient, and also avoid burning the biscuits by opting to have your holiday party catered. Your caterer will deliver your holiday meal cooked perfectly and ready to serve. Why stress out minutes before your guests arrive? Trust your holiday party caterer to deliver your delicious dinner and set it all up.


Advantage #3 No mess in the kitchen to clean up


No huge pots and pans to scrub, no food caked onto the stove. If you opt to have a caterer prepare your holiday meal, you won’t have to worry about massive clean up efforts in the kitchen. Avoid having to spend several hours after your meal tidying up the kitchen and doing dishes. A catered meal is easy to clean up. You can even use disposable serving ware provided by your caterer to make clean up even easier.

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Why Cater for the Big Game? Sports Party Catering is the Way to Go

Are you a sports fan in Tinley Park, Orland Park, New Lenox, Frankfort, Mokena, Lockport, Homer Glen, Oak Forest, Manhattan, or Monee looking for a caterer for your football party? Salinas Catering can provide you with game day favorites delivered right to your house in any of these areas so that you won’t have to miss one minute of the game.


Is it your turn to host a sports party for the big game? Impress your friends by having the party catered and make this event enjoyable for yourself. There are numerous reasons why catering is the only way to go. Learn more from the article below:


Choosing to have your football party catered will allow you to enjoy the game as much as all of your guests. You won’t have to worry about cooking or setting out the food during halftime. You can choose a time to have your food delivered to your house and set up by your caterer at a time that is convenient for you and your guests. They will also bring disposable plates and utensils which will make for easy clean up.


Another advantage of going with a local caterer for your sports party is that you can order all of your guests’ game day favorites. Place a catering order for appetizers, wings, pizzas, and sandwiches. Salina’s full extensive menu can satisfy all of your guests’ cravings for game day food.


Catering a sports party also prevents you from having to ask your guests to bring a dish to share and from throwing a pot luck party. Let your guests enjoy themselves and not have to worry about bringing a food item over to your home for the party. Have your caterer take care of all of the food. Set up a few simple help yourself beverage stations so that you won’t have to miss any of the game waiting on your guests. 
3 Ingredients to a Perfect Holiday Party


What are the three key ingredients to a perfect holiday party? Whether you are hosting a party in Tinley Park, Orland Park, New Lenox, Frankfort, Mokena, Lockport, Homer Glen, Oak Forest, Manhattan, or Monee you can turn to Salinas Catering for all of your holiday party needs.


3 Ingredients for a Perfect Holiday Party:


A happy and stress-free host


The number one way to ensure that your holiday party is successful is to spend time with your guests instead of in the kitchen. The easiest way to achieve this is by letting a caterer do all of the hard work. By choosing Salinas Catering to handle your holiday party, you can enjoy your guests. Let your caterer come in and set up your food and supply all of the necessary serve ware for easy clean up. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time relaxing.


Plenty of food and several food options


Provide your guests with plenty of food and make sure there are several food options available that will appeal to children and guests with dietary restrictions. Select finger foods for kids and a vegetarian and gluten free dish for guests with dietary restrictions. This is especially important if you are hosting a larger party and are not aware of any dietary restrictions your guests may have. It is always better to offer these special dishes than to have guests unable to eat your holiday spread.


Room to dine comfortably


There is nothing wrong with renting an eight foot table and chairs and placing it in your living room so that you can provide a comfortable dining area for all of your guests. If you are having a larger holiday party at your home and need some extra space, rent a table and chairs and fit it into any room of your house that can accommodate your guests.

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Sports Fans Dish on Game Day Favorites

The fall months have arrived along with a much anticipated Chicago Bears football season. Need some help orderingfootball catering Tinley Park favorites for a party at your house? Whether you are hosting a small party for some neighbors or a larger gathering for friends and family, order any of these football favorites to please a hungry crowd.


Food Favorite #1 Pizza


The #1 most popular food choice for game day is pizza. Whether you go for the traditional sausage and cheese thin crust pie or if you prefer a heartier pan or stuffed crust pizza, this is the most popular football party food. Give your guests a few different pizza options to choose from. Get a specialty pizza with assorted toppings for those with adventurous palates and make sure that you order a classic cheese and sausage for those who prefer a more classic combo.


Hosting an extremely large game day crowd? Order up a six foot long pizza to impress your guests and send everyone home with a full stomach.


Food Favorite #2 Chicken Wings and Tenders


Chicken wings and tenders are another game day crowd pleaser. Order boneless wings in a mild sauce for a football party or tenders with an assortment of dipping sauces. Potato wedges are the perfect side dish to serve up with your chicken tenders or wings.


Food Favorite #3 Sandwiches


Order a classic Italian beef, meatball, or Italian sausage sandwich for your guests. If you are hosting a smaller Tinley Park football party you can order a few of your favorites and let guests choose. For larger parties, order football catering sized pans and let guests assemble their own sandwiches. Don’t forget the giardiniera and peppers!


You can also order smaller sized portions of all of these football catering Tinley Park favorites for your party. A great way to please all of your guests is to offer a few different selections. Go ala carte or choose from a variety of catering options to satisfy all of your guests on game day!

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Catering Mokena Holiday Party Info for a Successful Event

What makes a holiday party successful?


Read through these suggestions from a catering Mokena business that has been providing your area with full service holiday party catering for over fifteen years and learn how you can make sure all of your guests enjoy your special event.


#1 Make sure that you order enough food


It is your goal as a party host to provide your guests with a memorable evening for all of the right reasons. Running out of food will make the night memorable for all of the wrong reasons. Ask your catering Mokena party planner for their professional advice on how much food you need to order for your holiday party. They will be able to provide you with the right portions regardless of if you are ordering pasta or chicken. Get the right amount of food to feed all of your guests and send them home with a full stomach.


#2 Offer guests a variety of food items to appeal to special diets


During the holidays it may become hard to remember to be sensitive to all of your guests’ dietary needs or restrictions. While it is tempting to stick with only holiday favorites, it is important to offer your guests a variety of foods in order to meet these needs. Make sure that you always include a vegetarian entrée and that you have some gluten free items available. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness in accommodating their special needs.


#3 Choose some child friendly menu items


Does your holiday party include children? If you are hosting a party with kids under the age of twelve it makes sense to order a few food items that appeal to little ones. Think about ordering chicken nuggets, chicken tenders, fries, or tater tots. These finger foods will appeal to children and are easy for them to eat so the adults will also be able to enjoy their meals.

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Orland Park Holiday Catering Expert Tips

Use Orland Park holiday catering expert tips to plan all of your holiday parties this season. Instead of spending weeks planning your menu and shopping for groceries, you can enjoy the season with your family. Trust a caterer to handle your holiday parties and put your feet up and become a guest in your own home.


Follow these helpful Orland Park holiday catering expert tips:


Tip #1 Place your catering order as early as possible


While any competent local catering company should be able to handle an order at the last minute, you can cross this off of your to-do list and not have to worry about it by opting to order early. Check out a popular caterer in the Orland Park area online and look at their menu. As soon as you know the number of guests that you will have attending your party you can place your order and focus your time and energy on enjoying the holidays.


Tip #2 Choose a caterer that can handle your food and rental needs


Whether you need to rent a few extra tables and chairs for a large scale dinner party or if you need to rent other equipment for your party, find a local caterer that can take care of all of your needs. This will simplify your party planning. You can deal with one reliable company that can take care of your food catering as well as your party rentals.


Tip #3 Let your caterer handle the guesswork


A competent Orland Park holiday catering provider will be able to help devise a menu based to fit your needs. Once you know how many guests you will be having at your holiday party they should be able to provide you with some options based upon your budget and the type of food you are looking to cater. Don’t stress over a catering menu, call up your caterer and let them guide you through the ordering process to ensure a successful and fun holiday party.

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Summer Party Rental Season Is Here

Summer Party Rental Season Is Here


Are you ready for the summer? Planning on hosting a backyard party? Get your Frankfort,IL catering menu and rentals booked now so that you can sit back and enjoy your summer party!


Want to enjoy your summer party and not have to worry about slaving over a hot grill all afternoon long? Hire a caterer to prepare all of your food and enjoy your party as if you were a guest. Follow these steps to plan a stress-free summer party:


Step #1 Choose the right Frankfort,IL catering company


In order to make sure your party goes as planned and that you get to enjoy it, choose a catering company that can fulfill all of your needs. Make things as easy as possible on yourself by having your caterer prepare your entire menu, deliver the food to your home, and set it all up for you on a table in your backyard. You will have a lot more fun at your party if you don’t have to worry about cooking or setting up your food station.


Step #2 Book your rentals


Do you need to consider renting a tent for your party? It is impossible to predict the weather so consider renting a tent that can easily be staked into the lawn of your backyard so that your guests will be protected from the elements should it rain. You will also want to make sure you have enough tables and chairs to comfortably accommodate all of your guests. Remember you will need tables for food and beverage stations as well. Order any rentals in advance so you won’t have to worry about fitting all of your guests into your home or garage should it start to rain.

Step #3 Set up a beverage station where guests can help themselves to cold drinks


Beverage stations are the easiest way to allow your guests to help themselves to drinks whenever they want. Set up some large coolers and designate and label one for bottled water, another for soda, and another for beer. If you want to prepare a batch of margaritas in advance, rent or buy a beverage dispenser and have them made up and ready to go. Set the dispenser out with some festive outdoor cups and your guests can sip margaritas all afternoon long and help themselves when they need a refill.







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Top 3 Party Catering Misconceptions

Top 3 Party Catering Misconceptions


Prevalent catering misconceptions make it more difficult that it should be to plan a party or event. Learn about the top three Tinley Park catering misconceptions so you can plan your Backyard Party, Graduation Party, or Fourth of July Celebration with ease.


Misconception #1 All caterers are equal


The worst thing that you can do when you are selecting a Tinley Park catering company for your event is to blindly pick from the phone book. The phone book only provides you with very basic contact information. Turn to the web to find a popular local caterer ready to meet all of your party needs. Choose a business with an informative website providing you with all of the information you need to plan your party.


Another great way to find a local caterer is to ask your friends and family for recommendations or check out online web reviews. You can get answers to the questions you have about the service, food quality, and punctuality of the caterer. This is the type of information you need to make the right choice and you simply can not get it from a phone book.


Misconception #2 It is difficult to make last minute menu changes


This is a common fallacy. A good caterer will be happy to make changes to your menu with as little notice as one day. If you find that your guest list has grown exponentially a week before your party, contact your caterer and discuss increasing the quantities of your order. You will find that a reputable Tinley Park catering company will be happy to make last minute menu changes or increases. They will also be happy to work with you should you have a last minute catering need pop up.


Misconception #3 You get the best prices when you choose a caterer for your food and a rental company for your party rentals.


While rental facilities want you to think that they offer the lowest prices, your caterer may be able to give you a better deal on your party rentals and supply you with all of your food. Why go through the hassle of booking rentals and food through two separate companies when you can go through your food caterer for your tent, table, and chair rentals? 

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