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How Much Pasta, Salad, And Potatoes Do I Need For My Next Catering Event?

How much do I really need?

How to plan your catering side dishes.

We have all been there before. You hosted a great party, and the food was delicious, but there was just too much. You sent everyone home with leftovers, yet you still cannot fit the remaining leftovers in your refrigerator. We all hesitate about the right amount of food we need catered for our event. Here are a few ways to help you determine the right amount of food that is best for your event that will keep your guests and your wallet full.  

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Side Dishes

When deciding the amount of food you need for your side dishes, keep the following in mind.

  1. Do I have other sides?
  2. Are people bringing dishes to share?
  3. Is it a staple food or specialty dish?
  4. Who are you serving?
A catering half pan typically feeds 10-12 people per pan.
A catering full pan typically feeds 25-30 people per pan.
When ordering side dishes, keep in mind all the food you plan on serving at your event. We typically recommend between 2 or 3 entrees for an event. You do not always need an exact amount for everyone once you begin to add more dishes to your menu.
Dishes such as pasta, salad, and potatoes are staples to a meal. However, when you begin to add more specialty sides, keep in mind that not everyone has the same taste palate and not everyone is going to eat every single item you serve. The average person has one plate of food.
It also helps to keep in mind who you will be serving. Is your event specifically for children? Children tend to eat less than adults. Salina's catering experts suggest for kids ages ten and under that every two children are represented as one.
You know your guests better than we do. If you know that your guests are heavy eaters or vice versa, let us know so we can help you plan accordingly. 

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