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How Big of a Party Tent Rental Do I Need for My Graduation Party?

One of the most common questions our experts get from customers is, "How big of a tent do I need?" The best way to determine what size tent to order is to consider how many people you are having at your event. It is also essential to account for additional space you possibly may need for a dance floor, bar, or DJ. 
It is helpful to decide if you will be serving buffet-style or family-style. If you are having a buffet, you may need extra room in the tent to set up tables for that. If you are having a sit down dinner, you will need seating for all guests all at one time. Bigger tents are more forgiving than smaller tents.
Thus, the more activities you're planning to do in the tent will require more space.
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3 Ways Your New Lenox Catering Company Can Save the Day

3 Ways Your New Lenox Catering Company Can Save the Day


Major Save #1 It’s the week of your backyard party and you see nothing but rain in the forecast.


Weather not cooperating with your backyard party plans?


By opting to go with a New Lenox catering company that also provides party rentals such as: tents, tables, chairs, and porta potties, you can rest assured that your caterer will make sure you are ready for your event rain or shine. Choose a local caterer that is capable of supplying you with all of your backyard party rentals in addition to your food. When there is inclement weather in your forecast, contact your caterer to find out about what tents they have available at the last minute for your backyard party.


Major Save #2 You have 50 guests attending your child’s graduation party but you only ordered enough food for 25 people. Last minute add-ons can throw off your menu planning.


How do you know you have ordered enough food? Has your guest list fluctuated since you originally placed your order?


Don’t be afraid to ask your New Lenox Catering Company for advice on how much food you should order. Always discuss the number of guests you are having attend your party when you are speaking with your caterer. They will let you know right away if they feel you haven’t ordered enough food for your event. Experienced caterers can also help with your menu planning so you can be confident you have made selections that will appeal to all of your guests.


Major Save #3 The temperature isn’t cooperating with your plans for an outdoor party.


Any New Lenox Catering business should know that it is possible to experience unseasonably cold or extremely hot Chicago weather during the summer months. Whether you are concerned with keeping your cold foods at a cool temperature on a sweltering hot summer day, or if unseasonably cool weather sets in on the day of your outdoor party, your caterer should have the equipment you need to keep your food safe for serving. From lidded chaffing dishes fueled by sternos to cold plates on ice; your caterer can provide solutions to keep your foods at the proper temperature no matter what weather the WindyCity dishes out!


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Plan a Party and Book Tinley Park Catering in 3 Easy Steps

Are you planning a graduation party or backyard wedding? Booking your caterer should be your next order of business once you have selected the date of the event. Read on and follow these three steps on how to choose your caterer.


Step #1 Establish a budget for your party.


Before you start buying supplies for your party and placing your Tinley Park catering order, come up with a price range that you would like to spend on your party. By estimating what you are comfortable spending before you start planning, it will be easier to get a general idea of how much of your budget you can spend on the food and any necessary rentals.


Step #2 Go with a Tinley Park Catering Business that can take care of all of your party needs including your rentals.


Trying to secure rentals and food for a party can become a hassle. Make things easier on yourself by selecting a catering company with the ability to take on all of your catering needs including the food and rentals. Whether you are hosting a large backyard party and are looking to rent a tent along with tables and chairs, or if you just want to add something special to your child’s birthday by renting a snow cone machine, select a caterer that can fulfill your rental needs along with your food.


 Step #3 Choose a diverse menu to appease all of your guests.


No matter how large or small your party is, offering your guests several food options is always a smart idea. Keep in mind that some of your guests may have special dietary needs that require them to eat vegetarian or gluten free foods. Vary your food menu and choose a caterer that is equipped to provide you with a large selection of delicious food items that guests with special dietary needs can enjoy. 

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