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Homewood Catering

Homewood Catering

Homewood, Illinois is a lovely village that resides in Cook County Illinois. Homewood is a southwestern suburb of Chicago that is located approximately 22 miles southwest of Chicago’s Loop. As of the 2010 census, Homewood  is home to just over 19,000 residents. Homewood is an affluent area in which most families earn somewhere around the village’s median family income of $69,643. The majority of Homewood residents are gainfully employed. Being so close to Chicago, Homewood has attracted prime businesses and hospitality industry development. Homewood is also home to several shopping areas that serve our growing community and the surrounding region. Homewood is home to a strong, local, diverse economy full of retail, office, industry, and entertainment. It’s these wonderful businesses and amazing families that inspire Salina’s Catering to provide the best catering option in Homewood. Salina’s Catering is available to cater any events you might have. From business lunches to graduation parties and even Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, Salina’s Catering can be there. Salina’s Catering has a wide and diverse catering menu with several packaging options. Salina’s Catering even provides a “Create Your Own Menu” option so you can customize your catering any way you want to. Our business catering can either come to your place of business or meet at an outside location of your choice. Whether it’s a luncheon, a retirement party, or just employee appreciation, Salina’s Catering has your business covered. Salina’s Catering personal catering business is just as well prepared. Salina’s Catering can do everything from family dinners, reunions, graduation parties, or even engagement parties. Aside from the delicious food, Salina’s Catering can also provide your family or business with a wait staff, tents, tables, chairs, or anything you might need. Salina’s Catering can even bring an ice cream cart or bounce house. When it comes down to it, Salina’s Catering is perfect for Homewood Illinois’ businesses and families.



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